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How to Start Exercising (and not quit this time)

If you’re like many of us, you’ve found yourself looking for help on how to start exercising, lots of times. We try and each time we think “this time I’m really serious”.  Sometimes we really are, sometimes, not so much. 

From all our experience, we may know what moves to do, how many calories we need to burn, may even shell out a bunch of money at a gym, thinking, “this time I just need to…”. What are we doing wrong? Who knows, but there are always things that get in the way – from our own thinking to, well, life happens.

My Quick and Dirty List of Tips

Here’s your go-to list of tips to keep on hand to get yourself going, or when you find yourself slipping.  You can click links in each to dig in and really find what you need to do, but in a pinch, keep this list handy (Pin it, bookmark it, just don’t lose it!). 

  • Don’t make it bigger than it needs to be: When we tell ourselves we need to workout xx times, for xx long, at xx intensity, you’re thinking about it wrong. Think move. Gradually moving more is sustainable, since it’s not a sudden, extreme change.  Plus, something is better than nothing.
  • Start with goals to “show up”, whether it’s at the gym, turning on the streaming workout on your tv, sitting on the exercise bike.  Just put yourself in the situation xx times per week, for example. Don’t worry ahead of time about how hard you work or how long you will do whatever it is. Get yourself “there” and start moving. See what happens.
  • If you’re just plain tired (me, so often), try these things.
  • Set up your environment for success. Keep reminders on your body and in your space that will cue you to move. Here are free downloads to help you along.
  • Identify the tools you can use.  It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, there are things that are free or inexpensive that will work well to build your routine, and are fun!
  • Get yourself some kind of support. Whether it’s a partner, fitness class, or online support, having someone in this with you or to hold you accountable helps.  Alot.

Every Day is a Brand New Chance

Seriously, just because you’ve quit umpteen times, doesn’t mean you’ve  failed.  You just haven’t figured out your formula yet.  Or, maybe you’ve figured it out but assume because you’re not still at it you never will stick with it.  Not so.

Every single day you can make the choice to start exercising again. If you have to, take it one day at a time, just like people in recovery. They have success stories every day, so why not you?

Here’s my gift to you, just for reading my blog!  It’s a calendar to keep you focused, one day at a time.  Password to download it: New Year Goals


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