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Enjoyable Exercise: In A Perfect World, What Would You Do?

Many of us don’t exercise because we’re too busy, tired, or can’t afford the activity we love. Sometimes we have an old injury or aches and pains that make exercising hard. Our most enjoyable exercise sometimes seems like a pipe dream.

For me, there are lots of things I’d do if there were no obstacles. For example, I’d spend all winter ice skating to my heart’s desire (and I’d even take private lessons!). I’d go to group fitness classes twice per week (at least). I would go walking whenever the mood struck during the warmer months. Swimming a lap or two on every hot day, a few times a day would always be on my agenda. Dang, I do love to do these things, but I have lots of my own barriers too.

Enjoyment Matters, A Lot.

A study by the Institute for Sport Science (2015) verified what we all know innately. Enjoying exercise is indeed related to our chance of staying with some type of physical activity. That got me wondering what my readers like to do, just for the fun of it.

I’m inviting you to take this poll so I can learn more about what people just plain enjoy doing, all limitations aside. I’d love to know what YOU think! Be sure to click all the ones you enjoy and scroll to the end to vote!

Anything not listed that you love? Share in the comments! If you’re not doing your most enjoyable exercise(s), what are your biggest obstacles? List as many as you have!

Wondering what might be fun that you haven’t tried? Take this quiz, or just check out my posts about working out solo, with a partner, or with a group.

Even if You Prefer Exercising Alone, Don’t Go it (all) Alone!

Want to get back into it but feeling stuck? Research from the University of Minnesota found that social support helps people get going and keep at it for at least six months. I’m here to help! Join my community for exclusive posts, and extra support in your journey! It’s free!

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