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One of the best strategies regular exercisers use is keeping exercise reminders around all the time.  Research shows this is part of the process of developing a habit.  Here are ten easy tricks to try:

Put Exercise Reminders On Your Body

  • If your schedule allows it, put your athletic shoes on when you get dressed.  If you have to wear something more formal, bring them with you so you can pop them on when you have a break.exercise reminders
  • Wear a sports bra from the get-go.  Don’t give yourself the excuse that you don’t want to change into it!  Keep it on till it REALLY is time for bed.
  • How many times a day do you look at your hands? Put a reminder right there.   I found a  silicone ring and keep it on as a visual cue reminding me I’m going to get some exercise today.  The bonus is that it was more comfortable when my arms were swinging and my fingers swelled.
  • My Fitbit was a Godsend when I was getting into the habit.  A fitness tracker is both a reminder and can motivate you to hit each next goalpost through the day! It gave me a little push whenever I had a moment, and at the end of the day it prompted me to move to top off my steps to reach my goal.

Put Them In Your Space

exercise reminders to motivate you

  • Set your favorite workout song as your alarm in the morning.  Don’t put off reminding yourself.  Start your day with it in your head.
  • Put hand weights next to the sofa.  If they’re right there, why not pick them up and pump a few?
  • Make sure notifications are turned “on” for groups, apps, etc. that cue you to exercise.  Use reminders apps, support groups in social media, anything you can, to prompt you with a little “ding”.
  • Keep a step bench  or jogging trampoline near the tv to casually keep stepping or bouncing while you watch your favorite show.  Why not burn a few calories while you have to look at all those commercials for food?
  • Identify a short distance you can walk when you have a spare minute.  Or find a reason to go up or downstairs.
  • Use visual reminders to move (<–click here and here for my free downloads): post-it notes, printed memes, posters – wherever it makes sense to do a quick ten (jumping jacks, etc.).  There are like, thousands of memes floating around out there.

movement cue cards for people who sit too much

What exercise reminders do you use or would you recommend? Share in the comments!motivation on the go


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