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One of the best strategies regular exercisers use is keeping exercise cues around all the time.  Research shows this is part of the process of developing a habit.  Here are ten easy tricks to try:

  1. If your schedule allows it, put your athletic shoes on when you get dressed.  If you have to wear something more formal, bring them with you so you can pop them on when you have a break.
  2. Wear a sports bra from the get-go.  Don’t give yourself the excuse that you don’t want to change into it!
  3.  If you wear a ring daily, it can be uncomfortable when you exercise.  For me, swinging my arms caused quite a bit of swelling and my wedding ring became so tight it was painful.  I found a  silicone ring and keep it on as a visual cue and to eliminate one more reason to say “I can’t right now”.
  4. My Fitbit was a Godsend when I was getting into the habit.  A fitness tracker is both a reminder and can motivate you to hit each next goalpost through the day!
  5. Set your favorite workout song as your alarm in the morning.exercise cues to motivate you
  6. Put hand weights next to the sofa.
  7. Use visual reminders: post-it notes, printed memes, posters – wherever it makes sense to do a quick ten (jumping jacks, etc.).
  8. Make sure notifications are turned “on” for groups, apps, etc. that cue you to exercise.
  9. Keep a step bench near the tv to casually keep stepping while you watch your favorite show.
  10. Identify a short distance you can walk when you have a spare minute.

What cues do you use or would you recommend? Share in the comments!


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