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It’s Not Pretty

Staying motivated to be active is a hard thing, I admit it.  Completely.  There are things I need to do regularly to keep my head in the game.  One is remind myself of all the reasons I like being active.  When I get going and am tempted to give in to excuses, I have to flip it.  I also need to remind myself of what happens when I stop.

Fatigue slams me

Who isn’t tired these days? Seriously. We cram our lives with activity and stress.  Adding fatigue when not exercisingexercise seems like ONE MORE THING to do.  No wonder so many of us aren’t doing it.  I will admit, for some of us, fatigue will always be there, but we can lift it a little.  The first thing that happens when I stop moving every day, is that brain fog sets in, heavier than usual.  The vicious cycle begins – too tired to exercise – more fatigue, and so on. This doesn’t have to happen.  Research shows that exercise does lift it some, but you have to make yourself move for that to happen.

My Mood Isn’t so Light

I don’t consider myself to be overly depressed, but I definitely notice the difference when I’m exercising.  I feel significantly better.  Turns out, research backs that up too.  When I stop, I am seriously grumpy – add fatigue and, well, my poor family.

Oh the Aches and Pains

I spend way too much time at the computer, and wow, that causes some funky neck and shoulder pain.   Inactivity also lets other aches and pains kick in more too.  When I’m active, it’s not too bad, if I have it at all.


My Healthy Eating Starts Going Out the Window

You would think I’d be more concerned with how I’m eating when I’m NOT burning extra calories.  But no, my resolve to eat well also slips (it takes a little longer for this one to start, but it happens).  Not good.  You know what they say, eat like crap and you feel like crap.  Add another vicious cycle to the mix now.


exercise feel like a champWhat’s the point of telling you all this?  I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, I want to share the obvious relationship between how I feel and how much I’m moving.  I can’t deny it.  Ideally, I’d keep all these things in mind before I relapse into couch potato mode.  The good news is, each time I get back into the groove it gets just a little easier.  I can tell I’m a little less winded early on than I would have been years ago, since my relapse is usually limited to months, not years.  I can also go a little farther than I expected, and that’s awesome!  Each day, adding a bit more activity will knock these symptoms down and I can feel like a champ again.


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