Taking the first step toward being active? Welcome to your online support system!

If you’re reading this I hope it’s because you are planning to start exercising soon, so let’s make that happen!  If you want to start moving more, and would love an exercise support plan, let’s do this together!

What’s your “Why”?

The first step toward moving more is identifying why you want to do it.  Keeping focused on reasons to exercise are a great step in getting the ball rolling.  Is it because you want to:

  • Feel more confident?
  • Be stronger?
  • Trim down?
  • Feel more energetic?
  • Reduce chronic pain?
  • Manage symptoms of an illness?
  • Reduce your risks for disease?
  • Don’t know your why?

How Do You See Yourself?  Be an Exerciser

Now that you’ve nailed down a few good reasons, let’s see more of the picture of where you are.  How do you see yourself?  Research shows that people whose self-image includes “active” are more likely to stick with it.  Don’t worry about that for now, though.  If you’re not there, it doesn’t take long for that to develop.  So which ones describe you right now?

  • Couch potato extraordinaire
  • Turtle
  • Walker
  • Energetic
  • Determined
  • Tired
  • Strong
  • Intimidated
  • Always Learning
  • Like a racehorse in the starting gate
  • Unwilling participant (oh no!)
  • Add your own in the comments!


This too can build as you progress, but let’s see where you are now.  This week, how confident are you that you will get some movement going?

  • Not gonna happen, I’m just here for the entertainment
  • It’s iffy
  • I’m pretty sure I’ll get started
  • I’ve got a plan and I’m gonna do it
  • I’m getting up and starting right now

Make a Plan

What’s your plan for today?

Photo by Natalie B on Pexels.com
  • Squeeze in extra steps whenever I have a moment I’m not tied to something.
  • Take a really long walk.
  • Head to a fitness class.
  • Try an exercise I’ve never done before.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Grab a friend and promise each other to team up for support.
  • Print off the weekly goal worksheet from the welcome email to keep track of my progress.
  • Share your ideas in the comments!

How about this week?  How many times will you do something active?

  • Share with others in the comments!

To download my free progress worksheet, subscribe here.  Come back to my exclusive subscriber-only posts again for exercise support so we can do this together!

Next up: We’ll start looking at your progress, talk about your struggles and accomplishments, and make an action plan to keep going!