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For those of us who like our “alone time” exercise can be our only time to get away and have space.  Some of us hate to go to gyms.  Sometimes we like to exercise with someone but can’t seem to coordinate it.  A home workout plan for solo exercising can be really satisfying with planning, and a little help from technology.  Some kind of audio, video, or reminder can provide structure to what we do and when we do it, which can help keep us on track.

Here’s a collection of resources I’ve compiled for you, some free and some paid.  Some I have used and others I still want to try.

Streaming Video    streaming video fitness

In researching for this post, I couldn’t believe how many options are out there now! The variety is amazing and it includes things like: yoga, core strength, interval training, and you can focus on different body parts individually. If you are a cable subscriber, with the right plan you have workout videos right there on demand for no additional cost.

Without cable, you still have TONS of options.

Channels Just for Fitness

We have a Roku, and with most any streaming device, there are paid channels like Daily Burn, Booya Fitness and Sportskool, plus free channels, if you’re willing to put up with ads. Youtube also has a mind boggling selection of videos for free as well as some subscriber-only channels.

On Youtube, Popsugar Fitness offers free subscription where you get access to a huge collection of kick-butt workouts.  They have beginner workouts30-minute workouts, ab workouts, butt workouts, full-body workouts, and no-equipment cardio workouts. Someone could get all their workout needs met right there for free.  Pretty awesome.

Streaming Services

If you have Amazon and haven’t checked out the workout videos included, get over there RIGHT NOW. You’re already paying for it, so use it!  There is a huge variety there, from 21-Day Transformation, to HIIT at Home, Zumba, Pilates, and Beginner Fitness  to lower-impact activities like yoga.  There are lots of options for people with limited mobility too.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, there’s a deal going on now to try the Prime Discounted Monthly Offering for 5.99/month to give it a try, it’s worth it just for the video access, but of course there’s more that comes with it!

Apps to Keep You Moving

fitness apps
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Keeping track of progress, either on paper or with a form of technology is part of staying on track.  It can make you get real with yourself, and you can see even the smallest amounts of

progress, which can be motivating!

Both the Apple and Android App stores have a huge variety of apps to keep you going.  When I was actively watching the “Walking Dead”, I got into “Zombies! Run!“.  You can do free scenarios or unlock all the workouts for a one-time fee.  It’s an entertaining way to keep you moving while hearing a story at the same time.  If you’re not into zombies, there are tons of other Couch to 5K programs that guide you through the gradual buildup with your own music in the background. 

My Fitness Pal has Map My Run, with GPS that keeps track of your run or bike ride, your distance, time, intensity and calorie burn.   Not only can keep track of your progress but log your food intake and set goals based on caloric needs, then share your progress with friends (who can keep you accountable!).  

A new app I just discovered and am in love with is Runkeeper.  You can use GPS or map out your regular route, and it calculates the distance for you.  It will keep you moving with verbal updates and you can tailor the plan to meet your own goals.  It has a community where you can add your friends, or just cheer on new friends.

These are a few examples of digital products that don’t necessarily guide you through a workout, but allow you to build up and monitor your progress for a daily small victory each time.  That right there is hugely motivating!   

Activity Trackers

Of course, if you have an activity tracker like Fitbit, there are the apps that pair with your device and give let you visually monitor your progress – that’s what did it for me last year.  I had a daily goal and “orbited” our powder room or went for a quick walk to top off my steps and reached my goal almost every day!

fitness apps
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The other Gold Standard of fitness trackers is of course, the Apple Watch.  I haven’t used one, but it looks like fitness tracker and wellness guru wrapped up in one with its meditation feature on top of the movement and heart rate tracking.

Of course there are LOTS of less expensive options  if you’re not looking for a Cadillac, but just want motivation to move.

Fitness Video Games

If you have a gaming system, you don’t have to use it just to sit on the couch and exercise your fingers.  You can really work up a sweat with some of the games that are out there.  I have a dirty little secret, I still use my Wii Fit. The plus to using a game system that’s a bit older is that you can get used copies of the games for great, great prices.  I have games from Nintendo and from EA Sports Active and can really get a great workout. There are set routines or  you can create  your own workout with the exercises you want.  Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is an option that focuses on using your own body weight for cardio and strength training, and man, do I work up a sweat with that one!  If you’re looking for an upper-body cardio workout, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout is for you.  The series of Just Dance games are also fun and you can even do it with the kids.

I don’t have an XBox but there are tons of fitness games for that system too!  Getting active by yourself can be a real challenge, but we are lucky to live in this day and age with so many options out there to keep us going!

What do you use to stay motivated working out solo?



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