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Fitness Motivation for Exercise Strugglers

Exercise Motivation

Fitness Motivation for Exercise Strugglers

YOU’RE NOT INSANE How many times has your New Year’s resolution been to exercise regularly?  If you’re like many of us, you lost count.  What about all the springtime promises to yourself that you would be swimsuit ready by summer?  […]

health advice

Dodge the Junk: Is that Health Advice Legit?

Got a health concern? A severe illness? Want to prevent cancer? By all means, do your research. Knowledge is power, after all. We’re bombarded with stories these days about health “breakthroughs” of all kinds. There’s the miracle food, or the […]

chronic illness and exercise

Chronic Illness and Exercise: When Your Symptoms Don’t Cooperate with your Efforts

For years the conventional wisdom has been that regular exercise is good for everyone regardless of what state your body’s in.  That’s mostly true, but for some people, chronic illness and exercise seem completely incompatible.  Starting to get active is […]

enjoyable exercise

Enjoyable Exercise: In A Perfect World, What Would You Do?

Many of us don’t exercise because we’re too busy, tired, or can’t afford the activity we love. Sometimes we have an old injury or aches and pains that make exercising hard. Our most enjoyable exercise sometimes seems like a pipe […]

how to start exercising

How to Start Exercising (and not quit this time)

If you’re like many of us, you’ve found yourself looking for help on how to start exercising, lots of times. We try and each time we think “this time I’m really serious”.  Sometimes we really are, sometimes, not so much.  […]

Preparing for the New Year: Keep up Your Fitness Routine

Preparing for the New Year: Your Roadmap to an Active Lifestyle

The New Year is right ahead of us, but most of us aren’t looking past this week, with this year’s fitness resolution left in the dust months ago.  It’s so hard when your plate is full and many of us will […]

workout mistakes

Workout Mistakes I Won’t Make Again (Don’t Be Like Me)

First of all I will tell you when I’m active, it’s makes for some of the best times of my life.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  If I’m dumb about it, though, I will have some regrets.  Let me tell you all about my workout mistakes so you don’t do the same things.  Really, you should listen to these. 

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